Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nazis At The Center Of The Earth

When the script for Nazis at the Center of the Earth (NatCotE) crossed into the VFX department for assessment, there was a surprise in store - a resurrected Hitler... initially the plan was going to be to somehow superimpose Hitler's head on a bodybuilder's body - an idea that filled the VFX team with horror (It would be supremely hard to accomplish in the 4 weeks that would be allotted for completing all the special effects). So the VFX team at the Asylum threw around a few ideas - one of which was for Hitler to have a robot body.
I quickly pulled together the following piece of concept art, which went back to the producers a day or two later and they decided to make the change and go for Robo-Hitler!
Unfortunately the Nazis on dinosaurs idea was dropped...

Also got to create the 3D model of Robo-Hitler as well...

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Here are a few of the creature designs I did a while back for the ASYLUM'S "Grimm's Snow White" lizard beast. Initially the call was for a two headed creature, but for animation purposes it ended up being only a single head. More images to come as the movies get released, including designs for AMERICAN BATTLESHIP,  NAZIS AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH and BIGFOOT