Monday, May 9, 2011

Almighty Thor - Concept Art

Well, now that its finally been broadcast on the SyFy channel, I can reveal some of the concept art I did for the low budget "B movie" version of THOR, called ALMIGHTY THOR - starring Cody Deal, Richard Greico, Kevin Nash and Patricia Valasquez.

The first is the dog-like Garmr, which I initially tried to make really freaky looking with no eyes, big grin and patented "neck teeth". The producers sorta liked it, so I combined the features they liked with the bits they liked from another concept piece by Aaron Witlin - which was sort of like an armored bear to achieve the final approved design.

Next up is the Lind Wyrm, a sort of dragon creature typically depicted with only two arms. I decided to make the arms look really powerful, since it was always pulling itself around on them. After a few minor revisions the producers settled on the blue variant (Seen here with mouth in the open and closed positions)

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  1. I always liked these designs, even if the movie was "so bad it's good" terrible, Nice to find the person who made them! :)