Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Megashark 4: Megashark vs Colossus

Here's a variety of the design work I did for Megashark vs Colossus - most notably designing the giant Soviet era Robot "Colossus", the "Attack subs" and the "Super yacht".
Design direction for the robot stipulated it be 1970's era Soviet technology, but then ultimately that was mitigated by the fact the distributors simply wanted a robot version of the "Titan" creatures from "Attack on Titan".
For the subs the direction given was that it should look somewhat like "a killer whale", and the Super yacht's design was predicated on all the various things it was required to do within the film.
For the submarines and Super-yacht, I made simple 3D models in Newtek Lightwave and then drew over the top in Adobe Photoshop, which permitted Me to get nice clean curves and shading quickly.
My personal favourite iteration of Colossus is the "Military Green" one swatting a jet from the sky.
Also, as a tribute to Gerry Anderson, one of the sub designs is based on the Russian attack sub from an episode of Joe 90.
Final designs above, development designs below.

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